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Buy this book and read it to your little kids, read it to your older kids and read it for yourself! Johnny reminds all is us through his personal story that little kids have real feelings and that every adult has the potential to make a difference in a kids life! A story of belonging. I loved it!"

This is a must read for both parents and educators to help their children learn alternate ways to deal with what life deals them. A true story of persistence and resilience. Many of our scholars will see themselves reflected in the life of Johnny Knuckles. The illustrations are fresh."

~Bruce Drewlow, Amazon review

The core values of this text are so meaningful. I am so thankful for an example of how we learn from and through our mistakes and beyond other texts, that readers are shown a path for sustained support as we learn. So often "learning our lesson" is deeply internal as opposed to shared with others for ongoing growth and community. I hope this book finds its way into so many classrooms and families' collections."

~Mission & Vision~

Second Childhood inspires the next generation of dreamers to write and publish their own narratives and success stories. Our purpose is to increase the representation and development of BIPOC authors, and to publish high quality, culturally specific content.

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